Repeat Prescriptions

If you have regular medication for a condition, you can periodically collect a repeat prescription from the Surgery without having to make an appointment.

Your prescription will be ready after 4pm, 72 hours after the request has been received by the Surgery (excluding weekends). Repeat prescription requests can be made by the following ways:


By Post / In Person

You can send in a printed request slip (available from the practice, which shows the medication you are taking) to the Surgery by post or in person.

Please allow 72 hours before collection of your prescription, to allow it to be checked and signed by your doctor. If you require the prescription to be returned to you by post then please include a stamped addressed envelope and allow 2 extra working days for you to receive it.

Please be aware, we will not accept telephone requests for prescriptions as this blocks our telephone lines and is not safe practice.

The Electronic Prescription Service is a new NHS service being introduced across England, which allows your GP to send your prescriptions electronically to your nominated pharmacy. This change means you will no longer receive a paper prescription*, however, the way your medication is dispensed and how you receive it remains the same.

How It Works

How to Nominate a Pharmacy

Please enquire with your required Pharmacy and you will be given the relevant forms to fill in. To nominate a pharmacy, you will need to provide the following patient information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Email
  • Contact number
  • NHS Number (only if you know it)
  • Doctors address
  • If you are the patient’s representative, you will need to provide your name, address, contact number and relationship to patient.

Your Benefits

  • Save Time
  • No need to collect repeat prescriptions from your GP
  • Your pharmacy can get your medication ready before you arrive
  • Convenient
  • Nominate a Pharmacy close to home, work or where you shop

Medication Reviews

The doctor may ask you to make an appointment to review your medication before a prescription is issued. Repeat prescriptions are not normally given for certain items, e.g. anti-depressants, sleeping tablets, the contraceptive pill, some asthma medication etc.

Over the Counter Medications

Pharmacy First – Over the Counter Medication – English

Pharmacy First – Over the Counter Medication – Gujarati

Pharmacy First – Over the Counter Medication – Hindi

Pharmacy First – Over the Counter Medication – Latvian

Pharmacy First – Over the Counter Medication – Slovak


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